In this section offer the necessary details about the company- the date of its launch, its geographical location, the leadership, the capabilities and important features of the company and solutions it offers to its clienteles. For example, if you visit our Cartface 'About us' page, it talks about the inception of the company and how everything started in the year 2008.Then they focus on the main topic i.e., Cartface, the e-commerce platform which focuses on integrating technology and innovation.

Mission & Vision

State the mission and focus of your company in detail. The clients must know what company aims to do and what it ultimately wants to achieve. For example, Cartface wants to offer easy e-commerce solution to all size of businesses.


Elaborate your technical expertise so that the customers are convinced to trust the company. For example, Cartface as an e-commerce platform makes clear that it offers 24/7 technical support to its clients via email, live chat, phone, and documentation.